Why aren't my employee's goals showing up on the assessment so that I can evaluate them?

Pam Somerville -

When an employee completes the details of a goal using the SMART tabs, it is important to link that goal to the assessment where the goal will be rated and commented on.

The employee needs to complete the following steps:

1.  Access the goal you are interested in linking to the next annual assessment. 

2.  Click on the Relevant tab.

3. Click the box 'Evaluate on Assessment'.  This will ensure the goal will be visible for the manager to rate and comment on in the next annual review.


Please note, if the origin of the goal is with the employee's most recent annual performance assessment, TandemPerform defaults to linking the goal with the next annual assessment.

If the employee adds a goal during the year, TandemPerform does NOT default to linking that goal to the next annual assessment.  The employee will need to click on the box 'Evaluate on Assessment' to ensure the goal will be visible at the next annual performance assessment.

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