During a performance review, if last year's goal is rated as 'unmet', will I continue to get an email reminder regarding the goal?

Pam Somerville -

When a manger completes an assessment and rates last year’s goals, those goals may not link to another assessment in the future.  It does not matter if the goal was rated as met, partially met or unmet.

The trigger for receiving ongoing automated email reminders is the status of the goal.  As long as a goal’s status is not ‘completed’ or ‘cancelled’, the user will continue to receive reminders for that goal.

If the goal was rated as 'partially met', or ‘unmet’, and you need to carry it over to the next year, the manager will need to add that goal for the next year (at the end of the assessment).

One way for employees to approach this process is to update the goals (for the evaluation period) before the evaluation & performance discussion they have with their manager. Then after the discussion, go into TandemPerform and change the status for the goals from last year to completed or cancelled. Then update the new goals for the year and set the reminders for the new goals.


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